Bread Saws
Hand-crafted bread saws made in Quebec for M.Wells!

Soft t-shirts designed by Kevin Somers.

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In a busy workshop north of the border, Chef Hugue's family churned out these unusual and delightful tools for the kitchen. The handle is made of ash and cherry wood, the knife is ambidextrous and the sharp blade will never dull. You'll take great pleasure in slicing tomatoes paper thin or using it on a roast beef or baguette... a homemade piece perfect for your home.

$40 US + shipping & handling

M.Wells bread saw

M. Wells t-shirt by Kevin Somers

Our t-shirts were soaked by Hurricane Sandy but we cleaned them to near perfection. Our restaurant donated the proceeds of 50 of these pre-washed tees to Coney Recovers. That is $1,000 directed towards a network of organizations working within the vulnerable Coney Island community on infrastructure and job recovery and anything to help rebuild the lives of people affected by the Sandy storm. Thanks for your help. More t-shirts are available; and they may arrive pre-washed.

$20 US + shipping & handling

Men's in White (S, M, L)


Women's in White (S, M, L)